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Award from the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles

A Tribute to Sanford Gage Presented in the U.S. Congress


CTLA Presidential Award of Merit for Contributions as Co-Chair of the Ethics Committee


"Mr. Gage is the best."
"Thank you for your hospitality...I gain invaluable professional insight from you in each of our meetings.."
"Thank you again for your excellent efforts in resolving this matter. I would not hesitate to use your services again in the future."
"Mr. Gage did a fantastic job of articulating the important issues and expressing points favoring settlement."
“I just wanted to thank you for your invaluable assistance in the settlement of this case. I really appreciated your efforts during the mediation and more so after its conclusion.”
"I am most grateful to you for the effort you put forth in our mediation....I can see why you have been so successful in your career! Thanks again for the lovely lunch!"
"Again, thank you for spending the additional time and energy on this matter. I greatly appreciate that you put the same devotion into smaller cases that is required of those with a larger settlement of more complex set of facts and/or parties."
“Please find enclosed herewith our firm check….Again, your patience and creativity was both impressive, but more importantly effective in resolving our dispute.”
"I want to thank you for the professional and courteous manner in which you conducted the mediation and helped bring the case to conclusion."
"I haven't had so much fun at a mediation in I don't know how long and have never been so well cared for."
"Mr. Gage was extremely polite yet forceful and made the agreement possible."
"Mr. Gage facilitated face-to-face communications between the parties which facilitated settlement."
Thank you again for your attention to this case."
"Mr. Gage was tenacious, patient and worked very hard at effectuating a settlement"
"I also wanted to convey to you our sincere thanks for your assistance in the mediation. I believe your participation was instrumental in the parties' ability to reach a settlement agreement and resolve the case."
"A very positive experience and outcome. Great job!"
"The Attorney Settlement Officer, Sanford Gage, was extremely helpful and persistent. The case may well not have settled without his assistance."
“Thank you for the tremendous assistance you provided in helping the parties resolve this matter today”
“I wanted to thank you again for mediating the above-referenced matter which resulted in what I consider to be a very expeditious resolution of the case.”
“I recall vividly the first matter we resolved together…and you were as impressive in our second case as you were in the first.”
“Sandy: Thanks again for an outstanding job mediating our case….I think most mediators would not have gotten it settled.”
"We were fortunate to have Mr. Gage. He is experienced and skilled."
Plaintiff Attorney Letter: “Sanford Gage was very patient and understood all the issues in the case. He was able to make the client feel that he was being heard and spent a considerable amount of time explaining to the client the need to see past all the emotional issues involved with the case and be able to reach a settlement."
Defense Attorney Letter: “I want to tell you what you already know. The manner in which you conduct mediations is what in my opinion is the recipe for success. Your recipe for success. In this most delicate matter, you accomplished resolution with respect and professionalism. The matter would not have settled had there been any other mediator.”
Client Participant Letter: "I just wanted to thank you for your hard work and dedication to my case. It was your determination for a resolution that allowed a conclusion that day."
Insurance Company Representative: “Thank you for a most enjoyable mediation experience yesterday and for your generous and gracious hospitality. “ “ Have any skeptics call me, or better yet-Don’t. That way, you won’t get too busy that we can’t get an appointment!” “I haven’t had so much fun at a mediation in I don’t know how long-and have never been so well-cared for at one. (Free parking to boot!)”

Disclaimer:  Please be advised that the contents of this web site and any of the statements contained herein are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be represented as legal advice in any way.  Moreover, while these testimonials express the appreciation of participants with whom I have mediated, they do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your mediation matter.  Each case must be considered on its own merits.


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