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Sandy Gage has lectured or authored over 200 legal presentations and publications, including the book "Insurance Bad Faith Litigation."

Author of Matthew Bender Book Publication

Co-author, Matthew Bender Book Publication "Insurance Bad Faith Litigation"


Attorney Comments:

"It was a pleasure to meet you ... your exceptional talent, hard work, compassion, and patience are remarkable ... I truly learned from this experience ... I look forward to working with you again in the future."

"Again, thank you for spending the additional time and energy on this matter.  I greatly appreciate that you put the same attention into smaller cases that is required of those with a larger settlement of more complex set of facts and/or parties."

"I just want to say again how much I appreciate your assistance."


Sandy Gage's Mediation Publications and Presentations:

  • PUBLICATION:  "Attorney's Fees: 'The Tail that Wags the Dog' - How to get the most out of these cases."  Advocate Magazine, ADR Issue- September 2013.
  • PRESENTATION: “Legal Nuts and Bolts for Mediators” American Institute of Mediation
  • PRESENTATION: “It’s Never Over Even When It’s Over” Southern California Mediation Association: Master Mediators
  • PRESENTATION: “Avoiding Impasse”— Los Angeles Superior Court Voluntary Settlement Conference Orientation Program, Mediation Panel
  • PUBLICATION: “Three Approaches to Negotiations for Successful Mediation” Advocate Magazine
  • PUBLICATION: “Getting The Best Results in Mediation” Advocate Magazine
  • PRESENTATION: “SCMA Legal Ease for Mediators” Tort and Insurance Law
  • PUBLICATION: “Without Prior Demands, Even The Most Impossible Cases Can Settle” , Los Angeles Daily Journal
  • PUBLICATION: “Making The Right Decision At Mediation” Advocate Magazine
  • PRESENTATION: “What Happens When Settlement Negotiations Fail?” Southern California Mediation Association:
  • “The New Frontier-Science of the Mind” Pepperdine University School of Law,
  • PRESENTATION: “Getting the Best Results in Mediation: Competitive vs Cooperative Negotiation”The State Bar of California
  • PRESENTATION: “Mediator Expertise: What Does it Take?” Pepperdine University School of Law, Town Hall Panel
  • PUBLICATION: “As Mediation Evolves, Neutrals Must Constantly Reinvent Themselves” Los Angeles Daily Journal
  • PRESENTATION: “Personal Injury and Insurance” Los Angeles Superior Court ADR
  • PRESENTATION: “Insurance Claims and Coverage” Southern California Mediation Association
  • PRESENTATION: “Personal Injury and Torts: Basic Understanding of Elements of the Case” Southern California Mediation Association :Employment Conference
  • PRESENTATION: “Insurance & Reinsurance--Claims and Coverage” Western Justice Center Foundation
  • PUBLICATION: “Early Neutral Evaluation-Panacea or Pitfall?” Advocate Magazine
  • PRESENTATION : “Follow the Money: Mediating Insurance Coverage Disputes” Southern California Mediation Association
  • PRESENTATION: “How to Maximize Your Results at Mediation”
  • PUBLICATION: “The Demise of Cookie-Cutter Mediation” CAOC--TAHOE SEMINAR
  • PRESENTATION : “Building Bridges: the Art and Science of Mediation” Southern California Mediation Association
  • PRESENTATION “Resolution Strategies: “Claims at the Cross-Roads: Arbitration, Mediation, Trial” DW Harper Group Risk Roundtable
  • PRESENTATION: "Insiders Guide to Mediating Medical Malpractice Matters" Southern California Mediation Association
  • PRESENTATION: "Successfully Mediating Bad Faith and ERISA Claims Southern California Mediation Association
  • PUBLICATION: “Evaluating Damages for Mediation of ERISA Claims” Advocate Magazine
  • MEDIATOR: American Bar Association Mediation Competition--ABA Section on Dispute Resolution-- Final Two Rounds of National Representation
  • PUBLICATION: Early Neutral Evaluation
  • PUBLICATION: Mediating ERISA Claims Successfully
  • PUBLICATION: Mediation:

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